Our Factory

Akripol Chemistry N production facilities is located 90 km from Istanbul Organized Industrial Zone in Saray highway right next to Europe.

Our production facility is based on an open area of 2,000 m2 and 8,500 m2. Annual production capacity is over 55,000 tons and we are planning new reactors with the addition of this capacity to be further increased.

Customer Portfolio - Our Exports

Akripol chemical water-based acrylic emulsion polymer offers the services market with high quality products with industry experience and reliability in production.

Turkey's four corners construction, paint, textile and other industries in many of the leading companies engaged in procurement company is a new and valuable company consistently continues to add to its customer portfolio.

Akripol chemistry, produced by water-based acrylic emulsion polymers with thickening products is still Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Greece, Portugal, Kosovo, Serbia, Slovenia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Iran, Brazil, Portugal and Uzbekistan also exported to more than 20 countries, among them.